Thursday, May 31, 2012


We found out over the weekend that my dad's brother, his only brother, has an aggressive brain cancer and doesn't have much time left. 

I haven't seen my Uncle Kyle in years. He and my dad had a falling out once upon a time and although they patched things up, we were all adults by then and had drifted away. But when I was little, his kids were the cousins we spent lots of time with and I still remember his wife letting us watch The Dark Crystal at a sleepover. 

Much like when my Aunt passed away last year, I'm sad for their family for sure, but I'm worried for my dad who is about to be the last surviving member of his immediate family and pretty much his extended family as well. My father, who spent the better part of two years on dialysis and is walking around with a stranger's kidney, outliving everyone else.  The universe is funny. He's not a particularly demonstrative fella but years ago he told me in a letter that "just because emotions are not easily expressed does not mean they don't run deep." I know my dad is sad. And we are sad for him. 

Oddly, my little brother Logan has been working on a project at his office to help out a coworkers kid who also has a scary cancer. The little guy has a very weak immune system so he can't really have visitors. That would be hard on a grownup who understood what was going on-it's heartbreaking for a six year old who is just lonely and afraid. So the people at the agency made these cute t-shirts people can buy and then take a photo of themselves and post it on Facebook for Nico to see. 

So maybe it's because I feel very helpless in the situation with my Uncle, I really want to help this Project Nico spread. Kyle is too young to die too-his first grandbaby is only ten months old and he and Julie were just about to enjoy his retirement. But Nico is way, way too young to die. And to be alone and scared. So check out this video and if you can, if you have $15 to spare and you like doing things that are good, buy a t-shirt and take a photo for Nico. 

I plan to take mine to London and send Nico some photos from the Olympics. 

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