Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

One thing I have not done enough this year is go to rock shows. I lost some momentum being in Europe for so much of the beginning of the year and my schedule hasn't allowed for as much slipping up to Denver as it did last year.

But Friday I happened to run into a coworker I've always thought was cool but didn't really know and she mentioned she wanted to see Deer Tick and I mentioned I wanted to see Deer Tick and the next thing I knew, we were buying tickets to Deer Tick.

I had heard their shows were good but after losing an expensive earring in a Beastie Boys "Fight Your Right" cover induced mosh pit, well, I decided I was truly in love. I got a fair amount of beer spilled on me and flirted with the cute Denver guys that are 1/3 of the thrill of going up there for shows and had just the night I needed.

This is one of my favorite Deer Tick tunes. Still sad I missed seeing the Black Keys last month but this was the kind of good old fashioned LOUD MUSIC I was craving.

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