Thursday, June 02, 2011

Tweet Tweet

In case you are still not sold on Twitter, this is one reason it is awesome.I sent a tweet from the Yeasayer show last night and they responded!

@Yeasayer replied to you:
@replikate Judd, Emilio, AMH, Ally or Molly???
Jun 02, 2:46 AM via TweetDeck
In reply to…
replikate Bass player looks like he straight fell out of Breakfast Club and it's pretty hot...@yeasayer
Jun 01, 11:45 PM via Mobile Web

I just really like the idea that you can talk to anyone you want on Twitter. It's making the world infinitely smaller. Another highlight of the evening? Turned out the kid dancing behind us was a fella I had talked to for a few hours after the David Bazan house show a few months ago. We had an oddly intense conversation about life and religion that night and it was super fun to run into him again.


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