Monday, June 13, 2011

Called Out

I was at happy hour tonight, talking to my friend Amanda, when the Chief of Communications for our company came over and said he was going to embarrass me a little. I informed him that was nearly impossible but go for it. He proceeds to explain that he was reading a Twitter conversation between the aforementioned Amanda and me last night and noticed she posted a link to my blog. He puts his hand on my shoulder and says, "I'm sorry he's married."

Mission accomplished!!! I think I turned eight shades of red. It did not help when his second in command piped up with, "oh yeah I read that one too."

It's a good thing I grew up in a family with three brothers whose mission in life in to tease, so good-natured ribbing is like electrolytes for me. And I really feel like my insightful posts about the length of my hair and two hour bike rides at lunch will really lend some weight to my credibility the next time I meet with them.

The internet-it's no joke kids.

Neither are The Black Keys. I can't stop listening to this album tonight while I get ready to pack for a hundred days tomorrow.

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JTA said...

So funny and so true! Proceed with caution.