Sunday, June 12, 2011


Well thank you very much internet for all your super kind words about that last post. I got all kinds of nice texts and emails which confirms my theory that really, the point of all this www to connect us in our regular lives.

Last week was super busy, I was in New York meeting with pretty much all the sponsors who give items to the athletes so that was exciting and productive. And now this week I have 2.5 days in the office before I take off to run the Wasatch Back for the fifth year, hang out with some friends and the fly to Eugene for the US Track and Field Nationals. I'm actually already tired thinking about it. But summer is off to a really good start and I'm excited to spend some warm days in Utah. I love and miss that place quite a bit.

I've been listening to quiet music tonight while I catch up on a few things. This new Bon Iver song is lovely and I'll be listening to it with my ridiculously huge headphones tonight to fall asleep.

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