Tuesday, May 24, 2011


All day I have been thinking about that children's book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad No Good Day. When your morning begins with an RV nearly running you off an overpass, you should just turn around and go back to bed, nothing good is coming of this day. It's been one of those days where pretty much everything just felt like "seriously?". And honestly, I am THIRTY FOUR YEARS OLD, how is it possible that I can still wake up with a giant zit that wasn't even on my radar last night. I want to go back in time and punch every single adult who ever told me rough skin was a teenage thing. To be fair, I also just kind of want to punch everyone today.

They are not my beans to spill but someone I love is going up against something scary tomorrow, maybe I just needed to squeeze out all of the bad karma I could today.

And with that, I'm taking a couple of Tylenol PMs, and listening to this until I pass out.

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