Friday, May 27, 2011


So I joined the rest of the internet pretty things junkies and starting a Pinterest account. It's basically internet bulletin boards you can fill with awesome things you find on the www. For someone who loved the web and sharing as much as I do, it's pretty dreamy.

Yesterday I was looking at things my friends had posted and found this

Sorry for the swear but this basically sums up my attitude for 2011. Don't say no when you can yes, try things you aren't sure about, meet more people, get on more planes, see things, learn stuff, relax harder.

To that end, this weekend is packed with hikes and rides and a wedding and what promises to be an insane 48 hours in Aspen with two girls, two boys and a dog. I hope every single one of you is doing something epic this weekend.

Here'sa Memorial Day mix my Twitter buddy from The Knocks posted today. 40 minutes of dance music!


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