Sunday, May 08, 2011


I bought a new computer this weekend (!!!!) and am finally joining 2011 and getting internet at my house this week. Which means you can expect some more compelling content coming your way soon. Life has been busy and my heart has been busy doing a little healing and it has conspired to give me a little writers block. But the sun appears to be here to stay, there are some super fun things on the docket for May and June and almost nothing makes me as happy as staying up late, writing and listening to music. I haven't done much of that lately but i am RIGHT NOW and gosh, I sure love it.

I also love it when my friend Heather gets good musicians that she knows to come play in her clubhouse. Joe Pug was the guest of honor last night and for the 30 or so of us lucky enough to be there, it was a feast. I can pretty much tell you that when an upright base and a harmonica get involved, I'm paying attention. It was such a treat to have Dainon here too, we've been friends for a long time and traded an astonishing amount of music over the years but we've never been to a show together. He was teasing me after one of the songs about it being the track "you will post on your blog and get all effusive about." It's good to have someone around to give me a hard time when my brothers are all so far away. And then it's maybe a little bit of awesome when you hang around to help Heather put the chairs away and clean up the beer bottles and you end up in the kitchen eating pizza with the band.

And when there's too much to get rid of
And you get rid of me
Speak plainly to me, Diana
There's nothing you must be

And lastly, I love getting to know new people. There has been an influx of new hires at work and I'm suddenly finding myself with a group of young, single, fun folks who like to get out. So between happy hour that stretched to midnight, a faster-than-i-can-really-go-but-I-can't-look-like-a-pansy Incline trip and an afternoon of movies and playoff games today, it feels a little bit like college around these parts.

Summer, you have my attention.

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