Thursday, March 31, 2011

Train Ride

Pros and Cons of lunchtime bike rides

1. No blackberries allowed. Being disconnected in the middle of a work day feels decadent. We'll see how that flies when Games prep heats up
2. Workout is done and leaves evenings free!
3. The sound of four or five bikes changing gears on a climb is awesome
4. My coworker has appointed himself as my cycling coach and when he's not kicking my butt, he's making me a better rider (oh wait, that's probably true ESPECIALLY when he's kicking my butt.)
5. Way more energy post ride than post lunchtime Chipotle overdose

1. I've seen way too many of my coworkers naked in the locker room
2. Bike short tan
3. I've just never as cute post ride as I was when I left the house : (

1 comment:

CoCo said...

Katie - I totally understand this dilemma. I've decided to move my workouts back to the morning which means 1) I actually get them in, but 2) I have to shower at they gym and I'm usually still sweating as I'm trying to get ready which = feeling less polished look for work. As you know, the endorphin release of a good work out trumps any external feeling of "beauty." I support your less cute afternoon look for continued lunch time bike rides.