Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Fire and Rain

So I felt just a bit cheesy on Saturday morning when I went for a run past Buckingham Palace and down the to the Thames and listened to Adele and Florence and the Machine the whole time. Like if some Brit was in Huntington and blasting The Beach Boys the whole time.

But then we went shopping and I'm not kidding-nearly every store we went I heard either "Rolling in the Deep" or "Dog Day Are Over" and I felt better.

The new Adele album just came out and if the comments on my Facebook status are any indication, girls and gay dudes are TOTALLY LOVING THIS ALBUM. This woman has a voice I would trade all my sibling for, and you guys know how much I love those guys. Even without a voice like hers though, you can't help but belt these suckers out-so much intensity.

The whole thing is good but these two have been stuck on repeat all day.

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Jamie said...

I'm in mourning over Adele - I learned on Tuesday she was coming to SLC - I immediately tried to buy tickets only to find out it was already sold out - heartbroken.