Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I moved to Huntington Beach for the first time almost nine years ago. There was a little group of guys in my singles congregation that everyone referred to simply by their address. The "210 house" were all really funny, really cute, really smart surfer boys who lived approximately 90 seconds from the beach.

Needless to say, little 25 year old me was utterly terrified of all of them. I happened to hear at church one day that they had launched a website of some sort where they were posting articles about music and movies and girls and various other things that float through the heads of twenty-somethings with plenty of spare time and disposable income.

Let's remember that in 2002, "blogs" were not widespread. Social networking was only sort of a thing (remember "Friendster"?). We did not have the kind of insane insight into everyone else's lives and thoughts like we do now. So this website? It felt a tiny bit like being a little female fly on the wall of guyworld. So of course they all had kind of amazing taste in music and movies and in writing they were not just funny but insightful and clever. I was even more afraid to speak to any of them.

And then one night. I was in the Tower records in Costa Mesa and I saw three of them browsing the same section. I knew I was in trouble. I had a rule that since it was way too overwhelming to introduce myself to everyone in my GIANT ward, if I saw people from church outside in the real world, I had to go talk to them. So I worked up every bit of nerve I had and approached each of them as our paths crossed. To this day I love to tease them that the fact that ONE little me was friendly to THREE of them means I totally win. They were all so super nice and over the years those guys have become dear friends and some of my all-time favorite fellas.

So this week when I was flipping through Twitter and saw and update from Nate saying simply "the bendies has a pulse", mine quickened a little. The boys are apparently back in town. Now podcasting here, go over and take a peek. I really don't think you'll be disappointed.

Lastly, this post gives me an excuse to post this awesome song. A song which happens to be the same age as me. And Nate from the podcast. Synergy!

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becky said...

love those dudes. love.