Monday, March 21, 2011

Harry and Sally

One of the many perks of being a grown up lady is being mature enough to take full advantage of male-female friendships. With all due respect to When Harry Met Sally-I am convinced that men and women not only CAN but SHOULD be friends. There is something a little bit sad to me about a world view where all relationships have to be sexualized.

Which is not to say that a friendship with a guy is exactly the same as my girlfriends-it's not. When some dude has broken my heart, it seems 100% more true when someone with a y chromosome says, "that guy missed out," than is does when my lady friends say the same thing. I really appreciate the perspective my male friends can bring to things and the way they force me to examine the way I think. Many moons ago I was whining about some relationship thing to my friend Jimmy, simple advice of, "don't be a girl Clifford, be patient and let him figure it out," turned out to be pure gold.

So I was delighted last week when my pal Damian, who I have known since the fifth grade, called to say he had come down with Jimmer fever and would be in Denver for the weekend. I drove up Friday night and we had a truly lovely evening of books and good food and life theory swapping. We played a game at the bookstore where instead of shopping for ourselves, we each bought each other a book. Well, two books. And then we each bought ourselves two books. Nerd alert! Then we went to dinner where Damian totally broke my heart by eating a quail. We discussed church and old friends and reasons we are still single and even spilled a few secret high school crushes-always a fascinating topic. After weeks and weeks of crazy travel (which was all fun!), it was nice to relax and catch up with one of the nicest, smartest, most interesting guys I know.

I think the majority of my readers probably see all my endless photos on Facebook but here are a few fun ones from the last two weeks.

Vacation fitness!

Worth the 4:30 wake-up call

Music on the beach and a floppy hat? Am I in Heaven?
Dear everyone, we are sleeping in a car. Safely though.

The Dojo St Paddy's party. College flashbacks commence.

What is that hat??

Why yes, Irish KISS was at the party too.


Damian said...

things I learned from Katie:

books aren't just for kids anymore
Denver is more than just OK
friends can get better over time
I will murder a quail for a delicious dinner
I'm a loser (but only because I lose things)

Thanks for the fun evening and for blogging all over the place about it.

miche said...

I so much appreciate this blog Katie. The first reason being that I think both you and Damian are some of the best people I've known since jr. high and I am delighted to know that you had a great evening together. The second reason is that I completely agree with you about male-female relationships. It's easier to pull that off when you're single though. After getting married, many eyebrows go up when such a thing is suggested. David has a female friend from a long time ago whom he likes to hang out with when he happens to travel for work to her town. Everyone thinks I'm CRAZY that it doesn't bother me and I don't have a jealous fit over it or worry about it. But, man, I have had some great guy friends in my life and if I had an occasional chance to hang out with one of them I would hope that I would be provided the same courtesy and trust. Good subject of conversation....