Monday, February 14, 2011


I feel like my mother's comment in my post about Hawaii really deserves to be highlighted. I think you will all agree that her wish for our trip really captures the spirit of Valentine's Day.

Jayne said...
I never really wanted to go there - not a hot weather-lay-on-the-beach girl at all like you have always been in your heart. But then I did, and every thing was as wonderful as every picture and story I had ever heard. We took a short hike just off the road through cane fields and some lava fields one day, and came upon a beautiful waterfall and handsome South American sunning naked on a rock-and no one else. So that is my wish for you. And that he is also a nice man who was friendly and put on his pants right away, like ours did.

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Nate said...

wow - no other words can suffice