Friday, February 18, 2011

1000 words

Sometimes I worry that I am not married because I'm expecting a kind of boy that doesn't exist. But then I remember that I know three of them who are smart and fun and cute and loyal and goofy and interesting and good and ambitious and like strong women and sometimes tease too much and can drive their wives crazy and toss their babies a little too high and I think-I'll wait. Because my brothers are totally real guys and they are totally rad.

I ran across this photo on my sister's Facebook profile and I am obsessed with it. Babies in uncle's laps and everyone laughing. At the risk of sounding like a gaggy "my life is sooo awesome" blogger-this is really what it feels like when we are all together. We're too loud and too animated and someone will end up in tears but gosh, I'm pretty stoked these people are blood required to love me.

p.s. Logan, I miss your hair.

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