Thursday, February 03, 2011


I am really, really proud of myself. I managed to break three New Year's resolutions in one fell swoop this week. I drank a Diet Coke (no caffeine), at Chipotle (healthy choices when I eat out), on a Tuesday (bring my lunch to work M-Th).

I am so awesome! It wasn't even hard!


CoCo said...

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MildredRatched said...

Kate, Kate, Kate. I will share a little secret. I don't normally give unsolicited advice, but my many years of experience may help ease your annual failures.
I resolved 10 years ago to STOP making New Years Resolutions. It is the only resolution I have ever accomplished.
Besides which, you seem to do the resolution thing on your birthday anyway. GO FOR IT!!! Give up the New Year thing! :)