Monday, January 03, 2011


If you have read my blog much, you know how much I love milestones. Birthdays, event anniversaries, ends of years or eras...I so appreciate any opportunity to look back, tally up the wins and the losses and adjust the path for the future.

2010 was a year of years for me. I traveled more, learned more, dated more, felt grateful more, attempted more, watched people I love go through wonderful and terrible things more, fell and got up more, and just felt more in one little year than I have in a long time, if ever.

I've already written several posts about this year but indulge me with a quick rundown...

I hiked my first founteener, learned to rock climb, finally put my bike to use and ran my fasted WBR ever by allowing myself to get worked by the Manitou Springs Incline once a week. I outfitted over 1000 members of Team USA for the Olympics. I got to work side by side with the top American design house and the top sportswear company. I shook hands with a Olympic Champion and got to hold his medal. I gave my passport a workout. I ran into an old friend in a pub a continent away, I ziplined in the Central American rain forest, I held a new nephew. I watched my mom bury her sister. I saw a wonder of the world. I welcomed a brother-in-law and saw my sister have the best day of her life. I saved myself into a nice little safety net. I saw less music but the quality was higher. I ran on beaches in three countries. I got my heart broken. I fell in love anyway. I got it broken again but I survived. I got rid of a toxic friendship. I talked to a boy on the phone until 3 a.m. A lot. I held grudges I shouldn't have held. I was impatient with people I care about. I made some really good friends. I welcomed lots of visitors. I went on blind dates and it didn't kill me. I did some dumb things. I realized they were dumb and didn't beat myself up too much. I took feedback too personally. I worked on that, I didn't always get better. I did a lot of kissing. I made good, good new friends. I spent time with good, good old friends. I met my best friend's husband on her wedding day. I bought a really great bed and a big TV. I wrote and wrote and wrote. I read before bed instead of internetting. I sent a ton of baby presents but I am still behind. I didn't return phone calls or emails enough. I probably spent too much time on Facebook. I finally saw the christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. I got to be the safe port for a friend in a nasty storm. I listened a lot. I still talked too much. People I love lost people they love and I felt helpless. I finally went on a big single Mormon trip and actually had enough fun to try it again. I didn't take enough pictures. I didn't even start half the post-Olympic projects I intended to do. I kept up my 14 year tradition of always making my bed. I didn't always unpack the day I got home. I cried more than I expected to in my thirties. I made my first visit to the ER I felt settled. And then I got restless. And then it was over.

And now it's 2011. I am not looking to top 2010, I just want to sit here a year from now and try as hard to figure out how to say everything in a paragraph. Things are off to a decent start: I just bought a plane ticket for a much needed weekend in my soulmate city of San Francisco, my college girlfriends are decending on Denver in March and I'm finally going to make my teenage dream come true with a trip to Havasu in June. I got brave and told my boss I needed more challenges this year and she's already taking me at my word, we're planning a whirlwind trip to London to visit sites and warehouses and I get to see 2012 Ceremonies outfits in a couple of months and October kicks off the ominous sounding "5G in 11M" where my team will support five major international multi-sport events in eleven months. So I'm planning to be healthier in anticipation of that crazy year, I want to get better at the fun hobbies I picked up, I want it to stick next time I give someone my heart, I want to finish designing my apartment, I want to see my nephews more, I want to find a magic cure for the eye wrinkles that give away my age, I want to write something real.

My friend Heather told me a few months ago that I "live big". I'm not sure I always agree-I know how much time I spend watching 30 Rock DVD's and reading about other people's adventures-but it made me feel really good. Despite all the rough spots, I have it pretty good and you know what Spiderman says, "with much power comes much responsibility,".

This song came through Pandora as I was writing tonight and I sure love it. Some wise words to start the year on. Happy New Year everyone, I hope it's your best ever.

But how do I know if I'll make it through?
How do I know? Where's the proof in you?
And so it goes, this soldier knows
The battle with the heart isn't easily won
But it can be won, but it can be won


SeƱora H-B said...

Wow, what a year!

CoCo said...

Don't take away those eye wrinkles -- I feel like they're the result of lots of eye squinting from laughter.

Havasu in June -- thanks for the invite. :)

I plan to come do that incline in 2011.