Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fun Fact

My college roommate Lisa used to tease me that I could be nearly asleep on a week night and if it sounded like something fun was happening downstairs, I HAD to get up and go investigate. Which definitely led to more than a few mornings of me asking her to take notes in our 9:00 French class.

As much as I like to think I'm way more mature I went into our Media Director's office to ask him a question, he said he and his wife were going to a show tonight and a little peer pressure later, I've got tickets, a partner in crime and am driving ninety minutes to BOULDER on a WEEK NIGHT to see The Old 97's and Langhorne Slim.

So hey college me, you'll still get break outs and boys who stop calling in fifteen years but at least your crippling fear of missing out keeps the adventures rolling.


Katie said...

At the Fox? I love that little venue. I've seen some of my favorite shows there.

So my man got me the Head and Heart CD for Christmas and I pretty much have every song memorized. Great band.

Katie said...

oh nope, I just googled and saw they're at the Boulder theater. That's a great place too.

I had a dreamy night listening to Madeline Peryoux there...

Mike said...

....ahhhhhh Dallas' own,
The Old 97s....enjoy