Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Brilliant night last night with The Head and the Heart. I need a little time to properly capture what was really quite a tender night for me. And we clearly had fun.

I have a new post up on Dear Me and this one is from a boy!!! About three or so years ago I started getting comments on Replikate from a guy in Texas. They were always very nice and complimentary but I had no idea who he was. A little correspondence over the years and I still don't think we've figured out how he stumbled on my blog but I've enjoyed having a fan. I read his blog too and what I've learned over the years is that he's a great husband, a terrific dad, and a true music lover. So I was pretty delighted when he sent me a Dear Me letter.

I've been pretty focused on letters from women but I'm so thrilled to add a male perspective. Sometimes I think don't realize how much we have common but also how our differences make us better equipped to help each other. As usual, it's a great letter with some great perspective.

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Jamie said...

Have I thanked you yet for introducing me to such an awesome band.