Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Loud and Clear

My sister Emily has a lot of talents. One of them is the ability to make a really terrific fall mix.

Her 2010 version came in the mail this weekend so I've been listening fairly obsessively. I'm sure there are more tunes that will make their way onto this blog but here are two that have me smitten.

This is "If He Breaks Your Heart" by Jeremy Warmsley. It's kind of adorable:

If he treats you right
I will be his friend
I will never sing
This song out loud
If he breaks your heart
I will break his legs
If he breaks your heart
I will break his face

The obvious problem with this song being that the boys who tell you that they will kill that guy if he hurts you are usually related to you, gay, or firmly in your friend zone. But I do love my gay/related/friend zone boys dearly and I do love this tune.

This one is called The Running Kind by Zoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers. It's a great song and I'll bet just about anyone can identify with the lyrics:

Wanted you to stay forever and a night
But come to find, you are just another of the running kind

Happy Fall y'all.

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Jamie said...

Now I'm kind of in love with this song. Can't wait to hear more from her mix. What is it about fall mixes - they seem to have the depth that summer mixes miss.