Thursday, August 19, 2010

Meet the Fockers

Sister came this weekend.

And she brought husb.

We had a delightful weekend and I am pretty sure I can count on Emily to post more and better photos than I have so I'll just direct you to her link at some point.

We always have so much fun together, it's delightful to have someone around who wears clothes I can steal and who laughs the same way I do and who likes to drink Diet Dr. Pepper late at night and sleep in like I do.

So I wasn't sure how it would change a sister visit now that she's hitched and all. This whole "brother-in-law" thing is still a little new. You would think that having three biological brothers would mean it was no big deal to add another Y chromosome to the family. But I'll confess I was a bit apprehensive. Even when I talk too much, or cry when they tease me, or say stupid things or post to Facebook too often-my brothers are still required by family law to like me. A brother-in-law is under no such obligation and since I really prefer that people like me rather than simply put up with me, I wanted to win Aaron over.

I'm pretty sure I still talk too much and he will probably never quit teasing me about how much I love to update my status but I'm definitely sold on brothers-in-law. Aaron came in handy for finding a breakfast spot, getting us out on our bikes, answering ALL my computer questions, providing my weekend teasing quota, taking endless photos AND helping me finally buy a television which I still can't believe I waited almost a year to do. He's good for my sister and maybe the weirdest thing about the whole weekend was how it didn't feel weird at all to add him to the mix. My siblings sure have done a terrific job choosing mates-I certainly have my work cut out for me if I intend to bring one board.

It's friday and I'm in a particularly good mood for a variety of reasons-but the one I will share with all of you is that my sister-in-law is bringing nephew to town this weekend and I'm pretty excited that I don't have to share them with the rest of the family! I found this clip of 13 great songs from 2009 that I can't stop listening to-every single one of these is worth looking up on it's own. I'm OBSESSED with that Discovery song "So Insane." Check it out and happy weekend!


{jane} said...

you seem to have the most awesome family, ever. i'm pretty much incredibly jealous.

please email me, your sign-in email and pswd, so i can tweak your margins on your blog.

thank you. wink. wink.

Mike said... do like your Matt & Kim