Monday, August 23, 2010


One of my very favorite phrases on earth is "have you heard of this band? I think you would like them." Another one of my favorite things on earth is making a new really good friend. So you combine the two of them and well, this girl is pretty much in heaven.

I have NO IDEA how this artist escaped my radar screen-especially since one review said Florence and the Machine is what it would sound like if Adele and Kate Nash had musical offspring. I love those two and now I love Florence so much I'm not listening to much else. And it doesn't hurt a new friendship for someone to nail my tastes so well. This is my favorite track off the album "Lungs" but really, it's loaded with good stuff. Her voice is so awesome it makes me wish I could trade everything I was good at for that one talent.


{jane} said...

LOVE it, whoever your new friend is...they rate high with me, too.


Christy Cropper Photography said...

yes! yes! yes!
that is fantastic!

Jamie said...

love, love, love Florence & the Machine

Colleen said...

Love this band. It was kind of random to see them on the Twilight soundtrack.

H. Brown said...

i've been trying to nail this song as a karaoke solo for a solid month! and you're right, the whole album is great. who is this friend? i really want to know her too!