Thursday, August 05, 2010

Last Goodbye

Obviously I would love all my siblings regardless of how impressive they all were.

But sometimes I look at all of them and think "hot damn! what a family! Because sometimes my little sister's perspective on life is brilliant.

And sometimes my younger brothers kick butt at hard things.

And sometimes the baby is brave and sells her art to strangers.

And sometimes the one just younger than me who thinks he's just older than me is terribly google-able.

That's some DNA worth selling right there. I may be on a bit of a hiatus next week...headed to NYC for some work meetings and to check in with some old friends. And to satisfy that little itch for crowds and shopping and men in suits that COS can't quite scratch.

1 comment:

H. Brown said...

aaand, instead of going to bed and getting myself on school schedule i am, yep, you guessed it, standing here in my new red patent leather steve madden ballet flats and catching up on your blog. just read from kids in the hall to the top, and here are my observations:

1. i too love giving kids back to their parents.
2. class of 94, wow. me too.
3. i love anyone who covers the national
4. how does jane austen fight club rate, for you, against ophelia's sassy gay friend?
5. you have a really cool family.
6. the word i have to type to get this comment posted is "yinvers" as in, "heather's commenting is so ridiculous it gives me the yinvers."
7. oh man, i am seriously cracking myself up.

okay, now you can build a dome over me and jam a telescope in my head.