Saturday, November 07, 2009


I'm back from my whirlwind trip to New York. From the moment I landed Sunday night until I nearly passed out on my forecasting project Thursday evening we honestly did not stop moving. The event was fantastic though and if you caught a glimpse of any of the Today Show on Wednesday morning you definitely got an overload of Olympic spirit. And like I said, I was scurrying around behind the scenes.

This is just a quick clip from the ice right after the hockey segment. If you don't follow hockey, the silver haired gentleman is Jim Craig from the 1980 US Hockey Team that beat Team Russia and went on to win gold. The guy sitting down is Mike Eruzione who scored that winning goal and the tall, handsome fella (who was so darn cute I got a little flustered when I introduced myself and said, "I'll be helping you get dressed this morning.") is David Backes who currently plays for the St. Louis Blues and will most likely end up on the US Hockey Team in Vancouver. And then you'll see three time Gold Medalist swimmer Rowdy Gaines who was the event emcee getting a few photos of his own.

Needless to say, it was a spectacular day. And aside from offering to help a professional hockey player change his clothes (which he seemed cool with by the way), I was beyond excited to be back in event mode. Stuff like finding a tailor who would do emergency embroidery on a jersey, getting athletes to and fro, and tracking down size 11 black shoes at midnight for an emcee who only had brown lest one of our sponsors have a fashion heart attack the next day-this might all sound like a nightmare to you but I was practically walking out of my skin with with joy. I might not survive the Games if it continues to feel so good.

I got on the plane on Friday completely exhausted but still managed to flirt with the cute stranger who ended up next to me ORD to COS and then slept for 12 hours. Today I picked up the keys to MY VERY OWN APARTMENT, the first time in my life I get to live all by myself. It's been a good week people. I hope yours has too.

(The only photo I got of myself. And I'm wearing a swoosh.)


turleybenson said...

Lookin' good Liz Lemmon.

CoCo said...

Does this mean you are officially accepting visitors to your VERY OWN PLACE?! :)

Jamie said...

I'm so glad you are loving the new job and the new place!

heather said...

do you need any help moving, chica??

jane said...

ummm, i am ashamed to say i am REALLY far behind in my blog-reading, i guess i need to get something called google-reader to help me with my serious challenge...

BUT, due to this problem, i am so far behind in YOUR life and it's clear i have missed you!

wow, your first very own apartment? this is HUGE! how exciting! you must post pictures.

AND, i'm really ashamed to admit this: when dusty and i ran the kids to "iggy's sports grill" tonight for dinner, we both JUST figured out the olympics were soon...we are so lost in our own lives it's scaring me. and this is DUSTY RHODES who works in the sports

your life is amazing. {{{HUGS}}}

Mike said...

Indeed your beaming....congratulations.