Sunday, November 08, 2009

I Wear Sneakers

I'm just going to admit it. I am a tad bit obsessed with Taylor Swift. You're laughing. That's OK, I'm very comfortable with it.

I put "Love Story" on a running mix earlier this year because it's has this great building chorus that is so perfect for hill climbing and it opened some sort of floodgate. Next thing I knew I was picking up her CD at Target and now I know the whole album by heart. I know!

But hear this, if you were ever a 15 year old female living in the suburbs this little album hits ridiculously close to home. Even if you like to think you were a fairly serious teenager with a lot of important things on her mind, life was still about and crushes and dances and football games and boys who didn't seem to realize you were totally perfect for them. And although it's really easy for adult me to look back at 15 year old me and be dismissive of the way she felt about stuff, I listen to this CD and I remember that it really did feel like the end of the world when that kid really did want to date the head cheerleader instead of me. And since one day I might actually be the mom to such a 15 year old I'd like to keep a little link to that part of myself.

This is my favorite thing to sing along to. Try it, it's really fun.


turleybenson said...

T Swift rocks. I'm not afraid to admit it, that Love Story gets me every time.

Tracy said...

You're already familiar with this, right? Also she killed on Saturday Night Live this week. Totally deserving of the admiration.

jane said...

the cutest thing...i love to catch my myla {she's ALMOST 10} watching taylor swifts youtube music videos all if i can see her thinking, "one day i'll like a boy & he'll like me...ahhhh"

k8 said...

turley b-as if i need more reasons to love you ; )

tracy-yes, that is one of the many reasons i love my TS so much. I'm Eight Foot Four!

jane-what a fun part of being a momma...i'm liking this idea of going to a show with your kiddies. Let's make it happen-I bet she's more fun to see with tweens ; )

Sherpa said...

I admit, it wasn't until last month that I heard my first TS song. However, since then I've found myself smiling when I hear her stuff. I'll probably break down and buy a couple of singles or her album before too long. She's talented and fun.

Spike Woolridge said...

Seconded. A guilty pleasure threatening to remove its guilt.

miche said...

You don't have to be bashful about it. I love her too! I know - I totally agree - she reminds me so much of being 15 and it's good to remind yourself of that so that you can understand those who are 15 better than you would otherwise. When teenagers feel like adults have forgotten what it's like to be teenagers, they're right.