Saturday, November 21, 2009


So this is ten minutes from my house.
Hey there is a guy up there!
Oh hello deer.

I need to make some friends so I can take less awkward photos of myself.

Not a bad place to call home eh?


Linda said...

oh, hey deer!!! wow!! I'm flying to Vail on christmas day. How far away might you be from there?

heather said...

me! me! i'll take awkward photos of you.

Mike said...

Seeeee, now your just rubbin' it in (in the VERY best possible sense) with those pics.

Again I say...congratulations.

Katie said...

Oh, I LOVE it down there! If I hadn't been packing/moving/destroying my kitchen I would have totally come down to take awkward photos with you!

Jamie said...

I'm so jealous! Are you accepting visitors?

TRS said...

I'm in Denver... I'll come hang out with you!