Monday, November 30, 2009

Last Christmas

I looooooove Christmas music. Love it! And these days I love the show Glee too.

So when I found a version of the cast of Glee singing Wham's "Last Christmas" I almost died.



myrtle budge said...

Love Glee!!

Cristin said...

How fun! I love listening to this and picking out who's voice belongs to who.

Jayne said...

Greg bought this from Itunes as soon as we heard it! I'll bet we listen once a day. Great!

jane said...

i haven't even seen one episode of Glee yet, but i'm dying to! i love their theme song, and i saw sometime in this past month...i think...that their first season is coming out on DVD this month??? i hope so...because I really want to purchase it and watch the whole thing in one weekend, i know i'm going to LOVE it!