Wednesday, October 14, 2009

She's a Libra

I have a "I'm 33 today and trying not to freak out about it" post that I will get to later this week. But today I have to give a little blog love to my mother. She gave birth to me 33 years ago and continues to have to do motherly duties far beyond what I'm sure she ever imagined.

My last three months at PUMA I was working on a big exciting endorsement deal and my mom had heard me talk A LOT about the kid we were signing and how much I had enjoyed working with his family on the deal. He's a great golfer and you'll definitely be hearing his name now that he has gone pro. He's also a smart, fun, down to earth guy with a tight, supportive family. They were really good people and although I was beyond thrilled when my current job opportunity came along, leaving just as we were finishing up getting this kid signed was disappointing.

My sneaky mother knew that a friend of mine would be taking the photos at the official signing annoucement after I had left so she tracked him down and got his help doing this:

A framed version of it showed up at my house last night and pretty much made my whole month. Thanks momma bird.

p.s. These little weasels appeared in my inbox this morning. So yeah, good birthday.


Crystalbell said...

I love how they put their mark on the Birthday greeting by crinkling the paper!

Happy Birthday, Katie!

Jayne said...

Thank you honey, it's been a lovely job this 33 years to be the momma bird.

Linda said...

Happy Birthday! It made me remember how close our b-days are and that I'm (sadly) a few years older. I can't believe I'll be 35 in a week. sounds so weird.

Kat said...

Happy Birthday! Hope it was fun. I love the picture with the happy birthday wish. :) How fun!

jane said...

happy birthday { so late.} how are you only turning 33? bum. i turn 34 soon. did you skip a grade in school? huh?

those are two of the cutest card-pictures of ever!