Tuesday, October 27, 2009


You know how sometimes you go to YouTube to look up an old Boyz II Men song your friend Natalie had as her gchat tag today and then 25 minutes later you are walking through the back catalogue of New Edition? What did we all do before the internet?

The enabling is disabled on YouTube but this song is just killing me right now. I got New Edition's Greatest Hits from one of those Columbia "get 12 free now and buy one someday" specials when I was a senior in high school. When my parents let me paint my bedroom (my OWN bedroom) I listened to that and He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince over and over for days on end. A year later my friend Brandon, who I had an insane crush on at the time, came over to my college apartment and declared those two the only things worth listening to in my room.

So tonight I'm watching these old videos (wow, I know every word to "Poison"-miss her kiss her love her) and loving my funny little suburban Salt Lake 17 year old self and her R&B phase.


myrtle budge said...

I bought New Edition's first albun in HS. Mr. Telephone Man and Cool it Now were my pre-game psyche songs for b-ball. I still have the vinyl. swwwweeeeeeet

k8 said...

Mr Telephone Man was one of those songs that my little brother and i would wait anxiously by the radio for HOURS to hear. I still loooove it.