Monday, August 31, 2009


It's almost September which means that it's just about to be FIFTEEN YEARS since I started college. I was thinking about that today when I decided to go to the gym instead of hitting the Counting Crows show. The 17 year old me who listened to "August and Everything After" on repeat that fall would be so disappointed.

This is my favorite track from that CD. I never get sick of it and it can still make me cry. Being a freshman was so dramatic!


Jamie said...

I remember that girl - she was so fun, so full of life, she brightened up every room she was in. She also grew up to be an amazing and inspiring woman.

Skinner Family said...

15 years ago.... wow! You are so right... it was such a different time.... but I love my Counting Crows and that CD. I still listen to it regularly. Thank goodness for Ipods because I think that CD is so ruined!