Tuesday, August 26, 2008

While it's Hot

So my company is clearing out summer merch and we have a TON of stuff that is 50% off on our website.

*this is now a link, thanks Dainon. www.tretorn.com in case it's not working.

You could get these super cute rubber boots for $28 people.

Or these itty bitties perfect for your favorite nephew for $18

or these leather beauties that are kind of a steal at $48

and ladies, these are every bit as cute in real life as you think they would be. For $30!!!

Anyway, we don't go on sale very often and sadly unless you live in major coastal city it's hard to find us in stores. So here's a chance to get super cool shoes that not everyone who went to Urban Outfitters this weekend will have.


Dainon. said...

A link to your website would be absolutely perfect about now.

aaronymous said...

thanks for posting this, i ordered me some sailing boots. not that i sail, but i could. and not that i need rubber boots in california, but this eases my desire to get the red puma sailing boots.

jaredean said...

so cute! I sent Lissette the link!

Damian said...

I bought some shoos (not the ones listed). I am going to customize them. The girly slippers would be nice with a couple of flowers painted on them.

k8 said...

will you send me a photo of whatever you do with them Damian? I would love to show it to my designers.

Damian said...