Wednesday, August 13, 2008


OK, I'll stop with the baby talk since the kid doesn't even belong to me but I can't resist a few more photos from my trip to meet him. I don't know if he has any idea how many people love him but I'm afraid the guy will never learn to walk since he pretty much spends his days being passed around by a mob of relatives.

I knew I loved him the day he was born but now that I've held him and smelled his little neck and giggled at the spindliness of his legs and wondered if he's going to swim like his uncle or bike like his dad or throw a baseball like his momma, if his eyes will be Clifford or Archuletta, he is real. I looked through my photos in the cab last night and got the kind of weepy homesick that makes me feel like I'm a freshman in college again. He's going to be smiling soon and I can't believe I'm not going to see it. He'll grow out of his Tom Waits onesies and into his Tretorn tennies before I get to whisper secrets in his baby ears about the stuff I'll let him do when he comes to visit me in a few years.

I know he's not the first baby ever born but he's our first and thus, he's our best. He's our favorite. He's the cutest. He's the snuggliest. He smells the best. Other littles will come along and we'll love them just as much and they'll get smothered in attention I'm sure. But Morgan, you will always be our first, the one we will all practice on. I'm really glad you picked us.
Sweetie face.
Sleepy guy.
Great Grandma. (Please bless I look this good when I'm a great grandma)
mommy. glam mommy who wears earrings and lipstick and looks amazing three weeks after baby. Woot!
Broken Arm Auntie.
Aunt k8. Already planning his trips to come see me.


Astrid said...

Look at those eyes! He is such a cutie. They get more interesting as the grow older though, at least that's true for my nieces. When they interact more. It's fun to see them grow into their personalities.

Katie said...

They get big really fast. Plan as many trips as you can afford.

My baby niece talked to me on the phone last week! She's only 18 months and I've already missed so much of her growing up from living far away.

Senja said...

oh those eyes! he is going to be such a heartbreaker - but it seems like he is already there.

so cute! :) glad you got to see him.

Ems said...

I hadn't seen that first picture! I can't handle it, so cute!

Ms. White said...

i just love what you wrote! thanks for sharing.

Mike said...


"larrybird" ?? me out there

chloe said...

I'm on number 8 and I still can never get enough. I cried last night when I came home from spending the last three weeks with my newest nephew. It's so hard to leave them. So, so hard.

RO said...

you are in big, big trouble. so when you say you held him, does that mean you were in slc? and you didn't call me? or come over and rub my huge belly and feel MY baby kick? lady, you are in big, big trouble...


becky said...

i feel the same way every time one of my siblings has a baby. get ready because the magic never dies.