Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mr. Clean

(I'm listening to this while I blog today)

I've been anxious to write about the three week cleanse experiment since I think I told everyone who would hold still about it...

A total and complete screaming success. Not because my skin feels clearer and brighter and I bought smaller pants this weekend...but because I just feel so much better. I thought when I was done that I'd be so anxious to eat all of the things that I cut out-but now more moderately-but I have been surprised at how much I'm still sticking to the plan. I keep thinking that if I'm sleeping better and feeling great and looking good, do I really need the sugar and caffeine back?

One of the really clear objectives for me was to pay attention to why and when I eat the things that I do. All too often I use food as a reward or a consolation prize. So I'm working on dealing with that kind of stuff in a healthier way. As my friend Brooke once said, "the boy who broke your heart is NOT at the bottom at that Ben and Jerry's carton."

All the benefits of being a better eater became clear this weekend though when I fell right off the wagon. Some old friends were in town and we spent Friday and Saturday eating out way through this town. We went to Mike's pastries and had cannoli's, ate lots of Thai food, we got gelato, we stopped at Kimball Farms for their famous ice cream, ate at Anna's Taqueria again after a long hiatus. I woke up Sunday morning with the closest thing to a hangover I have ever had. I felt sluggish, my face was all puffy-I was a mess. I had eight people over for dinner that night and I almost didn't touch the pasta dish in favor of the spinach salad and the fresh fruit.
There is certainly a place in my life for a cannoli now and then and I'm definitely not an advocate for total deprivation. But I'm much happier when I'm a bit more in control over what and when I decide to let certain foods take control of me.

The book I followed is a good read regardless of whether you need a "cleanse" or not.
She talks about wellness in general and it goes much deeper then just what you eat. Exercise, spirituality, service, even having fun-they are all important parts of being "well". I'm totally converted.

Now for my next challenge I might copy my sister again and try ONE HUNDRED PUSHUPS! (no i won't.)


cropstar said...

you and your sis are well on your way to convincing me to do this cleanse. i love kathy freston so it's even more incentive to do this. the thought of "sleeping better and feeling great and looking good" is SO appealing!

HeRoosSheRoos said...

Way to use self control and develop self discipline. I'll have to check out the book.

jaredean said...

wow girl, congrats - i've done a few cleanses in the past and the feeling after doing one can't be a nutshell, what did you eat during this?

Crystalbell said...

You are much stronger than I. I have attempted to give up my one soda habit a day recently and I caved.

I made Cannolis for Giselles 1st birthday, I have to say I would have a serious hard time not having a cannoli on any given day. Luckily they're not readily accessible around here!

I'm glad you're feeling great!

Linda said...

I need to kick the sugar cravings. My recent indulgence is Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake with extra whipped cream.