Monday, August 04, 2008

Day 14

Two weeks is apparently how long you need to stop craving Diet Coke. Aside from the giant ones with seven limes each that all my friends were drinking at dinner last week, I really feel like I don't even miss it.

I still have a week to go but I have to say-I feel really good. I am sleeping more soundly and looking more rested and I don't crash in the afternoon like usual. I also think I just generally look brighter and healthier.

One week to go although I might have to modify just a bit since I'm traveling for work this week. I'm going to start a petition to get Whole Foods into the Logan Airport.


Sherpa said...

I envy you. I've gone 6 months without it, and still crave the taste. Especially with lime.

lil' bohemian said...

This whole cleanse thing has me intrigued. I plan to thoroughly discuss with Emily when I make it up to Utah in two weeks! Good luck with the last week. I'm showving Green and Black's organic vanilla ice-cream in my face. BUT its ORGANIC!

Linda said...

you may have just sold me on this. I'm sorry I mocked you, and I'm sorry I drank a tank of DC with seven limes in front of you.

help me be like you!

k8 said...

no the Diet Coke at the mexican restaurant with the bottomless chips and salsa was actually a REALLY good test. B and I both passed with flying colors. and although it was incredibly hard, i think i can be much better about controlling myself at those kinds of places in the future. you should give it a try. honestly if brenda and i can do it-we who are known to eat a whole box of hot tamales for dinner-then you totally can.

Jane said...

go, girl, go!

sleep is good.

I did this not too long seems you are on a time frame??? I lasted about 3 weeks and now have greatly altered my intake from insanely too much to moderate.