Sunday, July 03, 2011

Soul Sister

I should be in bed but holiday weekends bring the night owl out something fierce. I slipped down a rabbit hole of music blog hopping a few hours ago and now it's midnight and I'm alone in my peaceful little apartment enjoying the fruits of my downloading labors.

My dear friend Heather moved to Oregon this weekend. She's off to pursue a graduate degree in writing which makes me incredibly excited for her and maybe a little bit wistful as well. I have a lot to say about dreams and the pursuit thereof that I will save for another time and just say how proud I am of her for doing something so brave and new. She's been a well-loved teacher of English for many a Colorado Springs teen and I have admired the whole process of watching her chase a new dream.

She had a going away slash moving party on Wednesday that included a real movie moment when the sprinklers came on during our lawn pizza feast and we all spilled wet and laughing into her empty apartment to sit on the wood floor and discuss whether or not this was the perfect excuse to play spin the bottle. We didn't but we did listen to music and talk and it was a lovely way to send her on her way.

But then the next night she wasn't gone yet and even though I had already spent a very full weekday evening playing kickball and chatting through a couple rounds of drinks at Tony's, she and my other Heather lured me out of the house and over to a really tiny club to hear some band they promised was worth reapplying makeup and leaving the house at almost 10 on a Thursday to catch.

There couldn't have been more than about 50 people there and it was nearly 11 before Seryn hit the stage so I was 100% unprepared for what we saw. There was a ukelele and a violin and multiple drums and a piano-esque thing and way more guitars than people. We sat in our seats for maybe five minutes before Heather just exploded onto the floor and that's where we stayed and danced and swayed while this band played their guts out for a tiny little audience made up mostly of people who didn't stop talking to each other. I am just terrible at writing about music but I'm pretty good at including a link you will want to click if you like things that make you want to hold hands with a bunch of people you care about and prompt you to tweet really cheesy things like, "the world is full of so many beautiful things there is no sense wasting time worrying about things that aren't." I honestly believe that art has power-music, writing, film, paintings-and that night was one of those little magical summer nights that made me glad I chose people over a good night's sleep. I simply can't imagine this band won't blow up here pretty quick and you won't be able to say I didn't warn you. Click it!

Paste at SXSW: [Video] Seryn :: Featured Videos

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H. Brown said...

yeah! SO WORTH IT. i've been formulating my own sum-up blog post about this transition, but now i'm not sure i need to. so glad you came out. so glad i know you. i wish your blog had a like button. i want to gush over every post. when am i going to stop saying i miss you!?