Thursday, July 21, 2011

Light For My Lantern

These two weeks are probably going to be my two least favorite weeks of the next 18 months. I have to order every single scrap of apparel we will use at the Games next summer by the end of the month. That's every hat and scarf and sock for everyone from the basketball team to the volunteers. It's killing me.

So when my gracious friend Heather called with a +1 to the Josh Ritter/Blind Pilot show in Boulder last night, it seemed like a great way to blow off a little mid-week steam.

The show was in a beautiful old barn built in the early 1900's. You can hear pretty clearly outside so there were all kinds of people spread out on blankets, the night was warm and perfect and both bands seemed a bit awed by the surroundings.

The place felt just a bit magical and since Heather is friends with both band managers and Josh Ritter himself, things got even more unreal when I found myself sipping a ginger ale on the tour bus and discussing the finer point of puppeteering with the drummer at 11:30. On a Wednesday night. In Boulder.

The bus call was midnight to head to Tulsa so after big hugs from Josh we giggled our way back to the car feeling like a couple of teenagers. Running on four hours of sleep all day hasn't been my favorite but this summer and I are having so much fun together sometimes I do irresponsible things.

If you don't love these two artists you need to correct that. See below.

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chelle. said...

so jealous.
i love josh ritter...he's def in my top ten.
thanks for sharing.