Monday, July 11, 2011


Can we talk about how this is my new favorite piece of clothing ever?? It is this ridiculous floor length dress with bat wing sleeves and was the only article of clothing I could tolerate when I fried myself at the pool last weekend.

I bought it because it looked JUST like something a crazy 70 year old rich lady would wear while drinking mimosas by the swimming pool and sometimes, don't we all want to be that lady?

Also the dress is completely unthreatened if I want to wear big sparkly earrings with it.

I might be wearing it right now.


Kelly said...

Love it! Sounds like you would fit in on Golden Girls. But can we see a picture of the whole thing, bat wings and all?

H. Brown said...

i need a full-length shot! can't believe you sunburned yourself so bad, i hope it's feeling better (peeling better?) now!

Jayne said...

That's the picture I loved on Twitter! It just looks fun and daring - and I didn't even know about the bat wings! My mom would wear it, but that's not necessarily and old lady indictment!

Kevin Ashworth said...

Wondering if they have it in my size?