Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Tourist

New York was super fun. I didn't realize how stressed out I was about the meetings with our apparel sponsor until we finished up Friday afternoon and were eating pumpkin cheesecake in the Plaza Hotel and I finally felt like I could take a deep breath.

Everything went really well and now I'm excited for the next meeting where we see some initial designs. So then it was just full speed run around the city-and let me just say that if you would like to get in the Christmas Spirit-New York City certainly does it right.

I had a delightful time with my dear Jed, as usual

we had a Catherine O sighting

I got to see a couple of my favorite HB boys

and even got last minute super fabulous tickets to In the Heights. Jed's parents were in town as well and his mom had never been to a Broadway show.

It took just a little convincing to let her know we might never again get second row seats to a Tony Award winning show that is closing in three weeks for $40 but we managed ; ) Not only was the show a complete joy but it was sure fun to see her face when the lights first came up and the company was practically in our laps.

So now it is Holiday madness until January. I'm heading to Utah a week from Tuesday and can't wait to spoil nephews and see friends and drink some salted caramel hot chocolate on Temple Square.

I'm listening to A LOT of Christmas music. Here is one of this year's favorites.


Jayne said...

You've been seeing other mothers? And going to Broadway shows with them? Just because you're out of town on business doesn't mean you don't have to be faithful!

k8 said...

it's true. but i swear, she's the first one.

Jayne said...

You're going to have to buy me something pretty if you want to be forgiven....

k8 said...

i'm very new to cheating, i'm not sure how it works ; )

MildredRatched said...

I LOVE New York City!!! I'm going to retire there, the heck with Doug! We are the original "Green Acres" couple. I just don't look quite like Eva Gabor...or not even close, whatever!
I actually have an apartment in NYC...rented out for the past 24 years. Always thought I would sell it to pay for my son's college education..come to learn, he can go for FREE in Utah! My neighborhood used to be called Hell's Kitchen, but Disney bought half of it up and ruined the "character"!
You give me a call should you need an "East Coast mother". I never mother and tell!

k8 said...

Ha, I think Hell's Kitchen has turned into gaytown kitchen...we had lunch in that neighborhood one day and i told the boy i was with he was probably the only straight guy in the joint ; )

Sounds like you really know your way around MR, I'll have to give you a heads up next time-just don't tell Jayne!