Saturday, December 25, 2010

Shake Your Wiggles Out

Morgan and Wyatt inherited some jammies that Sterling and I wore when we were wee and then Emily and Christopher wore as tiny folks five years later. Naturally I wanted a photo of the two of them posing like Sterling and I did 32 years ago (gross).

This is the attempt to get them to sit still on the couch for ONE PICTURE.

I was unsuccessful.


Jayne said...

I see a little toe about to sneak through Morgan's jammies! I'll have to find a way to patch that for future baby duos. This was so funny, to see them just wiggle and wiggle.

pburt said...

Favorite picture: #4! Morgan has such a mad look that I bet lasted about 2 seconds, and Wyatt, as usual, enjoying everything.

k8 said...

seriously, Wyatt loves everything.