Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holy Places

My mother had a custom frame shop for a long time and so we got sort of spoiled with beautiful things on our walls. Even in college, every poster I owned had a fancy frame.

The result is that I'm pretty picky about what I will put up in my house. I don't typically like to buy things that I think I'm going to see somewhere else. So since I'm encouraged at church to have religious imagery in my house I try to find things that every Mormon in America doesn't already have.

My friend Kris and his wife Cathy are photographers (and also one of the most adorable couples on planet earth) and they have taken some really terrific photos of a lot of the prettiest temples in the West.

If you are still looking for something for parents or newlyweds, they are having a holiday sale and there are some really killer photos to choose from. The Newport Beach ones make me just a wee bit homesick, it's such a cool temple. And I sure love the idea of supporting young artists!


Kelly said...

Pretty! I had no idea the Newport temple was so unique looking.

k8 said...

totally! it feels so newport beachy. i love it.