Friday, March 19, 2010

Christmas Eve

I'm going to Cancun in the morning. I actually finished packing before midnight tonight which is pretty much unheard of in these parts. I spend so much time traveling for work that I forget how FUN it is to pack for FUN. And thanks to the event diet I've been on for the last few months, it was actually pretty pleasant to pull out all my summer clothes. So pleasant I know I overpacked and I will wear a swimsuit or yoga pants the entire time.

I'm super excited for the trip, Corey and I haven't made a single plan-we are just going to go and sleep when we want, sit by the pool when we want, go to the beach when we want and probably eat so many fish tacos and drink so much Coke Light that we'll have to buy new yoga pants. No blinky blackberry light, no early mornings, no scraping my car off three times in the last 12 hours.

Then it's off to Salt Lake for my dearest Lisa's wedding and SUU reunion extraordinaire! So many of my very favorite people all in one place, I'm kind of delerious. And it all ends with a nephew blitz on Sunday because little Oakland nephew is visiting his Salt Lake cousin this week so I get both little weasels for the price of ONE plane ticket.

I probably won't be around the internet much next week, just popping in now and then to check my brackets!!! (22 of 32 in Round One. Not too shabby!) Here is the tune that got me motivated to pack early.


Whits said...

I have come to really hate the blackberry blinky thing. It is the death of me.

I am so jealous of you right now. Live it up for me!

Jamie said...

Have an amazing time in Cancun!

Give everyone a big hug for me at the wedding- I'm so sad I'm missing it.

Bonnie said...

Have so much fun. See you next weekend all nice and tan. I will be the jealous one. : )