Sunday, January 10, 2010


Quite a week folks. I fell into bed at about 10:30 on Friday night which is unheard of for this little night owl and slept like a rock until 8:30. That sleeping like a rock is also fairly unusual but I was BEAT. However, 250 Olympic and Paralympic staffers now have their uniforms for the Games and I took a giant leap towards feeling confident we can pull this off for the athletes in Vancouver next month.

Yesterday I just sort of goofed around, went for a run, got a massage, grocery shopped, watched a movie with a friend-oh, AND went to the office for three hours. So today I resolved that I would not give into the temptation to do any weekend work. Church was over at noon (which is painful when I have to get up early on a Sunday but feels really good when it's over early too) and the weather was spectacular (seriously Boston, you should take a lesson, this is what winter should feel like!) so I decided to tackle the famous Manitou Incline.

The Manitou Incline is the scar left up a mountain here in the Springs by the Mount Manitou Scenic Incline Railway. The fact that people of old preferred to get to the top of this thing by railroad car should tell you something about how insane the trail is.

One mile up.
2800 railroad ties.
2000 feet of vertical.
And four miles back down the Barr trail.

Yep. Here's an old timey poster of it.

My friend Ian lives close by so I talked him into going at least part of the way with me (this story ends with Ian beating me home by about 45 minutes. The shame). I've been using my still not totally adjusted Boston lungs as an excuse not to take the several invites I've gotten to join people. And just before I got to what I had heard was a false summit I started thinking those ill prepared lungs were going to explode. 2000 vertical feet! You can feel every stupid inch. The whole round trip took me a little over two hours and I only had one nasty little spill on the way down-it's super icy on the trail coming back and I was being careless. I had no idea you could buy ice spikes for your running shoes but they must do a brisk business in them here judging from the volume of crazies barreling down the trail.

I got super lazy about pushing myself physically in Boston. If I'm being honest, I got lazy about pushing myself period in Boston. So if the past few months I've been working a little too much and charging straight up a mountain is what counts for a relaxing Sabbath, I'll take it.

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