Tuesday, January 26, 2010


When I moved to California for the first time almost eight years ago I spent a LOT of time alone. I worked from home and it just took me a long time to make friends.

Most of my days were filled going to Lady Foot Locker stores and teaching the staff about the brand I worked for so I was in malls all the time. My favorite one was the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. It's an outdoor mall and it's right next to the beach so I would try to visit that store as often as I could. They had a great music store there that would let you listen to any CD before you bought it. I was in there so much that one of the clerks called me "shoe girl".

Back then I was a pretty diehard Dave Matthews fan and there was quite a bit of buzz around his ATO Records label. I figured if Dave loved someone, they were probably a safe bet (that is true by the way, ATO has some killer artists). Patty Griffin happened to be on sale one day in that little record store on the Promenade and I fell madly in love with her album 1000 Kisses.

That summer I also happened to have a sort of disappointing boy experience and that album turned out to be a major source of comfort. I may have been a bit disappointed by a boy in the last few weeks and I am happy to report that Patty still does a bang up job filling up those little holes only a failed romance can poke.

This song probably spent the most time on repeat that summer. I still love it.


Kari said...

That album helped me through some hard times, too. She has a new album out TODAY! Did you know that? We preordered it. I am hoping it comes in!

Jamie said...

I love her!

k8 said...

oh Kari i didn't know that!! I am downloading right now from iTunes-i love the version of All Creatures of Our God and King! Thanks for the tip : )

jaredean said...

Hey, something i've found is that if i'm going to purchase mp3's instead of the album, i prefer buying them from 7digital.com - they are usually cheaper (like $7.77 for many of them) 320k which is a big deal to me - it is the highest quality MP3...so, cheaper and better sound - what's not to love!

Here is her new one from 7digital: Downtown Church

heather said...

my good friend in nashville, bethany, just posted patty griffin's song "be careful" recently also. it's a patty griffin kinda day and i love it.

thanks, miss you already!

Jayne said...

I was going to say something about the disappointing boy event - but then I saw that the word verification is Culen. Cosmic comment from Edward?