Saturday, January 16, 2010

A little great!

My friend Corinne, who has a PhD, a cute husband and two of the most adorable children ever has just given birth to a really fun new lifestyle blog called A Little Great. They have tidbits on everything from fitness to literature to staying organized by a variety of writers. And guess who is doing the music reviews?

Yep, I know enough to be just a wee bit ahead of the mommy set the blog is geared to so it's been a lot of fun. I've only just started but come here to see how I managed to weave Dolly Parton and Common into the same post. It's fun to have another outlet for writing and even though I'm so busy right now I had to drag a date SHOE SHOPPING with me last night just to fit all my errands in, this is helping keep myself a little bit sane. See you there : )


myrtle budge said...

Just one more reason to love you - I have loved Dolly forever - like maybe since before you were born!

{jane} said...

ahhhh, shucks katie, i got all the goosebumps & a big lump in my throat. guess i don't need to go to church today, my spiritual needs have been met by dolly! this is such a 'great' blog for you to be sharing your music-writing talents with!

i'm proud of you.
i'm going to link your 'greatness' to my blog...