Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Well I am finally home after 10 day of work and play travel. I had a great time at the US Open and an even better time at the Wasatch Back Relay. I had grand intentions of trying to see people while I was in Utah but I guess I had just worn myself right out and I ended up pretty much just playing with my nephews and hanging out with my family.

My mom came by on Monday and after we watched Morgan scoot all around the house in his walker, she got a mischivous look in her eye and let him out the back door. We were pretty convinced he would get outside and freeze up but the kid took off down the driveway like a shot. We were all laughing so hard watching him head for who knows what kind of freedom that we almost forgot to get a camera. But Grandma Jayne did manage to capture a little clip. One I can't seem to stop watching. Nephews. They are so awesome.

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Megs said...

Oh that Tasha. Of course she had a kid like Morgan. Of course she did.