Thursday, May 07, 2009

Safe and Sound

G.I. arrived in San Francisco this morning weighing in at 9 lbs 3 oz. Big baby!

I was just a wee thing myself when Sterling was born but still, I have known the guy his whole life. He teased (and still teases) me to death like brothers are supposed to but we've been good friends since we were little. Right now I really want to embarrass him with stories about how wonderful he is and how proud I am of the adult he's become but Ster-dog is probably our most private Clifford and me blabbing on my blog might not be the best baby gift. I'll just leave it at how lucky I think Garrett is that my brother is the one who will be teaching him how to be a man. When I look at the many and varied reasons I have managed to say single for so long I lay lots of blame squarely on my brothers. They have just ruined any chance I have at being realistic with my expectations of what one should be.

Congratulations Sterling and Megan!!!


Mike said...

Biiiiiiiig yawn


Katie Elaine said...

oh, he is sweet! like a little kitten.

Jamie said...

Congratulations auntie - he is adorable!

CoCo said...

oh my. so cute.

i think the yawn is indicative that he might like to sleep. i know a few cliffords that also share that joy (not judging, just observing)! :)

Katie said...


My sister had a dr's appt yesterday and he said there was no way my little nephew was coming today. SAD! Here's hoping for Saturday!