Sunday, May 24, 2009


I leave tonight for a work trip to England. I'm not complaining at all because it will be a good trip BUT, it does mean no three day Memorial Day weekend for me. I was feeling a little bit sorry for myself that everyone else was making plans to be somewhere fun and I would be packing and finishing up a presentation all my lonesome.

Fortunately my New York friend Traci needed a little break from her Manhattan craziness and she caught a train to me on Friday evening. We ate good food in the South End, cooked a leisurely breakfast, did some shopping along Newbury and then took delicious Saturday afternoon naps before we headed over to the House of Blues to see the sold out National show. Turned out the show was teeming with cute boys so we did some flirting. Then we headed back to my house for midnight BLT's. She left early this morning and I got to go to church in the beautiful old stone chapel the kind folks at the First Church Cambridge are letting us use for a bit. I'll hop a plane this evening and spend the week getting to meet my UK team members. Life could be worse people.

If you have never heard of The National, that should stop today. This song was so incredible live I might have cried a little bit.

Peace out.


adamf said...

Great song! Thanks for the recommendation. I had never heard of them before, but you forced me into it with the "that should stop today" line. I just downloaded a few songs from iTunes.

Rhymenocerous said...

Hmm. Pretty sure I saw them at the Wiltern. Thought it was with you... could have been AMC though. Maybe you were already gone.

miche said...

I have never heard of The National before either! This is what happens when you pause life to reproduce... anyway, I'll have to look into this some more!

Also, I'm linking you to my blog. I find that I don't regularly keep up with blogs that aren't right on mine, so it's about time I added yours.

CoCo said...

I listen to "slow show" and "about today" on repeat too often. Got your text - so glad to hear it was a terrific show. I had flashbacks to all the Boston show days and post 7-11 runs with you and Kim (and then Whitney) and then sighed out loud. Another life time. Have a great time on your work trip.

Linda said...

Loved the song- thanks for posting. As always, you know the best music!

Meridith said...

Man am I bummed I wasn't there with you two lovelies......because that would've been a fun show. It's just too bad we live on different coasts. I still have not seen The National yet in concert. I can't get enough of them.