Monday, May 11, 2009


I'm THRILLED that the seasons are finally changing and it's been warm and sunny here in Boston. However, the change sometimes means my sleeping patterns need a few weeks to adjust.

I'm trying to spend less time on the computer before bed (which is actually cutting into my blogging time and I miss it so...I have lots of things to learn to balance!) and for the millionth time in my life I'm trying to cut way down on caffeine.

I'm also bringing back the nighttime soundtrack. I stopped listening to music at night for reasons unknown but it really does help me relax if I pick the right stuff.

I found some real lovelies that I had forgotten about and wanted to share.

Avril 4-Aphex Twin...just a shortie but long on the pretty

Honey and the Moon-Joseph Home Teacher in HB introduced me to this guy back in the glorious summer of '03, still one of the greatest summers of music of my life...

Romulus-Sufjan Stevens...if you haven't listened to Sufjan Stevens then I don't even know what to do with you. He's wonderful. I got this CD when I was first in Boston and sorta kinda falling for a boy who suggested it during one of our many cross-country-before-I-went-to-bed-and-he-went-to-watch-24-telephon-conversations. Occasionally miss the boy, still LOVE the CD.

Be Be Your Love-Rachel Yamagata...once upon a time my little brother brought his girlfriend to California. She was lovely. We rode bikes to Starbucks at the pier and he told me was going to marry her. She went through my iTunes and we bonded over shared Yamagata love. I'm glad she decided to be my sister-in-law.

Little Trip to Heaven-Tom Waits...if you are sweet on a girl and you send her this song I'll betcha she'll like you back. My brother Christopher and my mother Jayne are big big BIG Tom Waits fans and I think you shall see why...


Cristin said...

You picked two of my favorite songs ever - "Honey and the Moon" and "Be Be Your Love." I forgot how much I loved these two songs.

Pam said...

So... I have two suggestions:

"Heartless (Cover)" - The Fray
"Blue Bike" (Entire Album) - Michelle Featherstone

I'm currently falling asleep to The Fray on repeat.... I'm that lame, but it really is a surprisingly great cover.

jane said...

isn't finding a balance the constant struggle? i'm telling you, if i didn't have kids, i would likely never leave my computer. it would be challenging.

ok, katie. i am twenty-four hours in to no sugar and feeling really good. how you doin'?