Thursday, December 04, 2008

Art and Life

Tonight I'm watching TV with commercials which I rarely do in this TiVo world but I've been a sicky and haven't gotten very far from the couch all day.

An ad came on for some horrible looking movie where a recently divorced and may I say haggard looking but we are supposed to think h-a-w-t Heather Locklear goes on an island vacation and gets it on with a guy half her age thus getting her groove back or blah blah blah. The name of the movie was "Flirting with Forty" and this is exactly what went through my head.

"Heather Locklear is supposed to be 40 in this movie? And it's remarkable that a young hot guy falls for her? I'M TOTALLY GOING TO BE FORTY!!"

And then I heard Billy Crystal's voice in my ear "When?" so I answered "someday." and then had a real craving for a little When Harry Met Sally.

p.s. yeah, I know, I'm nowhere near 40. But welcome to the mysterious inner workings of the female brain.


CoCo said...

Do you think your sick day is correlated to the movement of toxins from the massage? Regardless, being sick is not so fun.

Jayne said...

I promise you that unless you begin drinking now and drink steadily until you are 40, you won't look like Heather Locklear at 40. Poor woman has had a tough year or so - plus she's 47!

k8 said...

shoot! there go all my plans to take up the demon liquor.

but seriously, that is why all these Hollywoods look so freaky-you can't swim in drugs and booze your whole life and age well can you?

Kelly said...

When I turned 32 this year, I totally had that scene from When Harry Met Sally going through my head.

And I'm gonna be 40!
In 8 years!

FYI, the magic code word for this comment is "butsping", which I first read as "butspring", which made me giggle.