Monday, February 25, 2008

Good Winter

Lest you think all I've been doing is crying for the last two weeks...I did get my first taste of Garage Band last night after a delicious dinner, cooked by men no less, bought some lovely new shoes for way way less than they should have cost, gone for a few beautiful runs through the city, had a fun evening in Providence with two dear friends, and caught up with a bunch of familiar faces at church yesterday. One things I will say for myself is that even when I am suffering from paralyzing amounts of self-inflicted fear, the crazy sticks mainly inside my head and I still manage to function quite normally.

So in honor of my new and frigid home,here is a song that has spent an inordinate amount of time on my iPod this week. The artist goes by the name Bon Iver which is a play on the french word for winter. I may put these lyrics on a notecard for frequent reference..

I told you to be patient
And I told you to be fine
And I told you to be balanced
And I told you to be kind.


MissEm said...

I don't know why I didn't think of this need Jimmy Cliff. Lots and lots of Jimmy. "Many rivers to cross" got me through Freshman year of college.

Pam said...

BTW, I don't mean to startle you, but in your absence, I've been forced to make 3 separate blog entries. I miss you, but I'm glad to hear you had a good day yesterday!

Dainon. said...

Bon Iver rules. That is all.