Thursday, December 06, 2007


I lost my camera this weekend somewhere between the rental car dropoff in Phoenix and the US Airways gate in Orange County. All week I've been hoping that it fell into the hands of a person who would see that my business card is in the pocket of the case and he or she would call me to arrange it's safe return. No such luck, and now that Sales Meeting is over and I have my full capacity to think back, I'm really really bummed.

So this blog might be a bit less illustrated until my grieving period is over and I can talk myself into replacing her.


chloe elizabeth said...

Maybe Santa can bring you a camera? Okay, so that's just wishful thinking. I'm so sad for you!

Emily and Danny said...

I know the feeling. The grieving process will go pretty fast though. Some how our camera disappeared somewhere in our drive from The Natural History Museum to our hotel in NY. It could have possibly fallen out of the car as we walked to our NY hotel. Anyways, it still makes me sick to think about it. We had just been to Boston and Conn. and had taken some good pics. And we were in NY...the disposable camera didn't feel the same. What lame tourists.

joy said...

Wow, Katie, that really sucks! Maybe we should pretend my wallet got permanently lost while we were hanging out, you know, as a show of solidarity?

Guess I'm just going to have to come play with you sometime and have another opportunity to capture us in the same frame. *sigh* What a chore that will be ... ;)

Rookie Dad said...

Not to make you keep hoping against hope that one day you will see this camera again, but my sister just recovered her camera after someone turned it in to the TSA desk at the airport. I assume TSA had to watch it for a few days to make sure it wasn't dangerous. But she got it back for only the cost of a pre-paid FedEx mailer.

Me? I'd view this as a cosmic invitation to buy a newer, cooler camera.

f*bomb. said...

I think we should go camera shopping together. The Canon SD600 has the BEST reviews ever, but now they're up to model SD950 or something nutty like that. Either way- I am ready to upgrade.
CLASS IT UP, '007!